Emanuele Perrone

Hi everyone!
I am Emanuele, a visual designer based in Lecce (Italy), with a deep love for music and a growing passion for design. 

I’ve been pursuing this career for a long time, I’ve always liked the idea of being able to convert thoughts into movements, colours and sounds, visualize complex concepts in unique images and create dynamic compositions that tell ever-changing stories. 

My skills span multiple disciplines from graphic and web design to motion graphics, photography and videography, and last but not least, being able to manage an entire project by taking care of its art direction. 

All these skills were further developed with the birth of Studiosciolto (visual communication studio), founded together with a collaborator with the intention of promoting a deep project culture, based on a solid approach of knowledge and skills, but also on the opportunity of experimenting with new creative solutions thanks to the help of a stimulated environment and sharing with valuable working partners. 

Over the years I have learned many lessons, both in the professional field of design, but also in the practical field of everyday life, I have realized how important it is to focus on one’s professionalism, to increase one’s multidisciplinarity in order to tackle seemingly complex problems with a whole new approach, made of ingenuity, passion and a lot of imagination. 

When I’m not working, I’m biking, cooking, walking my dog, tending my plants and getting my hands dirty with a wide variety of tools, because my love for analog and materic will never end! 

Whatever the reason, drop me a line.